Cybersecurity Guide

How to Bank Safer When Using a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

Computer-related crimes affecting businesses and consumers are frequently in the news. While federally-insured financial institutions are required to have vigorous information security programs to safeguard financial data, financial institution customers also need to know how to avoid fraudsters.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has developed a guide, which provides cybersecurity information for financial institutions’ customers on how to protect and maintain their own computer systems and personal information when conducting personal or financial transactions on the internet. Below are excerpts from the FDIC Guide.

  • Install software that protects against malicious software, commonly known as malware, which can access a computer system without your consent to steal critical information, such as passwords or account numbers. Also, use a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your PC.
  • Consider opting for automatic updates to help reduce your vulnerability to software problems, and to obtain the latest fixes for security weaknesses the manufacturer discovers.

Easy Access

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